When the world started to shut down due to Covid 19, all of my shoots were cancelled overnight. Like many other parents, my wife was suddenly working from home full time and we had lost our childcare. Without work, I was there to take over the childcare full-time for our daughter Mabel who just turned two. She has tons of energy and since I could no longer take her to the playground, we had to make the neighborhood and our tiny backyard into our little world to burn out her energy. I take a ton of photos of her to share with our families on the East Coast, but suddenly I found myself taking so many more since we were together 24/7.  I would shoot a photo on my iPhone or mirrorless that I bring everywhere, and I started to notice funny similarities between my sports and fitness work. Sometimes it was the light and lines, sometimes the pose, and sometimes it was just a funny coincidence. I quickly realized that by accident I was trying to frame photos of her playing the same as I did my work photos. After a few weeks I started to dig into the drives, and match up the photos for fun, and then I started posting them on my instagram account (@adammoran). 

My time with Mabel is a break from all the craziness in the world right now and I think these photos matchups are a simple way to keep things light, when it all seems so heavy.  At one point I was stressing that I didn’t have a “quarantine project” like everyone else was talking about. Then I realized I didn’t need to come up with one, my project was our life together and  just getting to shoot that is the best project possible. Thanks to all the athletes and models below for showing her the way! Featuring Mike Trout, Megan Rapinoe, Josh Bridges, Tony Hawk, Ally Love, Kate Courtney, Naomi Osaka, Kirsty Godso, Stef Corgel, Bec Wilcock and more.

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