-I’m addicted to chap stick, never leave home without it.(or i will immediately go get it)

-I drive with the seat heaters and air conditioning on at the same time.

-Worlds best dad according to my daughter Mabel.

-I’ve been fortunate to shoot campaigns, and the worlds best athletes, for  the worlds best brands.

-I truly love what i do and think every day taking photos is fun, work or not.

-My wife is the best and way smarter than me.

-My dog is the laziest. (14 year old Dachshund)

-I can French braid, and do it in an emergency in the school parking lot.

-Available and happy to work anywhere in the world, or at home.

-I grew up skating/snowboarding, worked and shot for Burton Snowboards for 13 years before working for myself.

-I like to joke and chat. Over coffee, and at work.


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