*update*  I am now fully vaccinated and will only bring on a fully vaccinated crew to any set. -Adam

While none of us truly know the future of what shoots and productions are going to look like, the one thing I can promise is that I will approach it from the safest way possible and adhere to all necessary guidelines. Like many others I have a family to get home to, and there is no shot worth risking them, or anyone for that matter. I spent over a decade of my career shooting in avalanche prone terrain with athletes and models, and while a virus and avalanche don't have much in common, it has taught me to work under heavy restrictive guidelines and always be up-to-date and alert when it comes to the health and safety of my crew and myself. Additionally, working in small crews of 2 - 3 people is second nature to me and how I have spent the most time shooting given the extreme location scenarios. I have delivered content for major brands like Nike, Adidas, Burton Snowboards, Mt Dew, and Red Bull both on my own and with a small group my entire career. If I need to carry it in, light it, test it, and shoot it, then send it in for real time review, that's never been a problem. 

In terms of location, Los Angeles is my home and has been for a long time and because of this I have a long varied list of already scouted, or shot in locations that can represent many environments. Not just your typical LA background if that isn't specifically what you are looking for, and the best news is, once we align on locations they will only be a short driving distance away. I love my job, it is my passion that I was somehow fortunate enough to turn into a career and I'm forever lucky for that, but coming home safely to Sarah and Mabel is really what it's all about these days. So with that said, I would love to work with your brand, with just a model and or athlete and  myself, or a small team and build a safe production that allows for highly produced fun content. 

Lastly but most importantly, I hope you are all staying healthy and safe, and I look forward to shooting with everyone as soon as we can. And hopefully before we know it, we are all back at a big wrap dinner for a successful shoot. -Adam

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